What are your qualifications to represent the 7th District?


I am a long-time resident and homeowner in the 7th District who has seen this area through good times and bad.

I am married and have a child in the public school system.

I worship at Central Baptist Church in Camp Springs.

I am a Vietnam-era U.S. Army veteran and a member of the American Legion. 

My college education concentrated on engineering, technology and computer science, but I spent most of my career, 22 years before my retirement, employed by the District of Columbia Criminal Justice System.

Having worked for a government entity for more than two decades, I know what works and what doesn’t.  That is why I’m running for office.  I’m running to bring the REAL MAJORITY to the seat of power in Prince George’s County.  If elected, I would implement a fully transparent system of constituent polling and feedback through my district office which I would then apply, through my votes, to reflect what citizens of this district want and demand of their local government.  This system that I would adhere to would return important decision-making power to your hands and, I believe, would result in a new era of economic prosperity, moral integrity, and social peace and tranquility.


Anticipated Question :   What are your

                     qualifications for Election to the

                     7th District Council ?


G Falls -----   I,de like to make it CLEAR

                   that   1 Million Citizens of

                   Prince George County hold

                   Exclusive Power and Authority

                   to the County Executive Chair



                    82,000 7th District Citizens

                     Hold Exclusive POWER and

                     Authority to the 7th District

                     Council Chair


                     Primarily , my qualification IS

                     being totally committed to

                     Decisions made by 7th District





                     Secondly , 7th District Citizens

                     do not want a Public Career

                     Job Holding Politician ,   making

                     Decisions Effecting the Economic

                     , Educational and Moral Directions

                     of the 7th   District


                   Finally , the 7th District IS Rich

                    In Talents where Expertise may

                   be needed to Detail Decisions

                   made by 7th District,s Citizens

                   as to the Economic , Educational

                   and Moral Directions taken by the

                   People of the 7th District


     I (G Falls )   is , part of that Rich Talent

     Pool which include ( Doctors , Lawerys ,

     Scientists , Engineers , Government Workers

     , Private Business Owners , Trade Skill

     Workers , Educators , Religious Leaders ,

     Semi-skill Workers and laborers   )






       As we sit here be mindful that

       Tomorrow Morning 200,634

       Prince George County Citizens , many

       of those in the 7th District have no Job

       to go to !  


       I ( 7th District Candidate , G Falls ) am

       Committed to Decisions made by

       7th District Citizens as to what Direction

         should be taken Economically ,

         Educationally , Morally and Socially .

         to put 7th District Citizens Back to Work

         and onto a solid Direction Path to

         Economic Prosperity , Educational

         Attainment , Moral Values and Secured

         Social Standing .









     I , am :   United States Army Vietnam War

                     Era Veteran ( God & Country )


                     Member of the American Legion

                                     ( God & Country )


                       Retired 22 year Government

                       Criminal Justice Worker


                       College Guaduate            

   Bachelor   Science Engineering Technology

                       Degree ( Computer Science )



                       Member of Camp Spring Baptist

                                 Church ( God & Service )


                     Home Owner ( 20 years )

                     Oxon Hill , Maryland








Anticipated Question :

                         What Public Office have you

                         Held before ?



G Falls------ 7th District Citizens Demand a

                     Change from the Dangerous

                     Dead End Directions the 7th

                     District is headed Down



        7th District Citizens do not want Council

                   “ Decision making as Usual .”

                     Decision Making that has lead

                     To Dead End Directions such as :









       (1) Men Marrying Men


       (2) Abortion on Demand


       (3) Gambling


     (4) High Taxes & Fees


     (5) Self Destructive Auto Insurance Rates


     (6) Unnecessary County Police Road Stops


     (7) Lack of Jobs that fit the 7th District

                           Talent Pool

     (8) Lack of Community Moral Standards


       (9) Lack of Core Value Education for the



     (10) FAILURE of County Government

         Office HOLDERS to PROVIDE a


         FUTURE !




       7th District Citizens want an Elected

       Council Person Committed   to their

         Decision Made Direction for the

         7th District


       An Elected Council Person that

       Will Change the Current Council

         System . Re-Empower the 7th

         Citizens and task the Elected

         Council Person to Implement

         Their Decisions


         In short ,   A New Non-Career Job

         Seeking Council Person


         To Forfill the Demand by the 7th

           District Citizens to change Dead

           End Directions the 7th District is

           Headed Down


           I am   that new type of Council Person




Anticipated Question :

                 Have,nt the 7th District Citizens

                 Already Approved of the Direction

                 The 7th District Headed In ?


G Falls----   Absolutly Not !


                   There are 82,000 Citizens in the

           7th District .   Less than 4,000 of that

           Citizen Population Elected the current

           Council Person in 2010


           There are reasons for that LOW Voter

           Participation !


           One ,       Government and Private

         Institutions have FAIL their

         Responsibility to ensure that Citizens

         are given Maximum Opportunity to

         Participate in their local Communties

         Governance .





           Secondly ,

         Democracy IS not a FREE gift given to

         Citizens . Demoracy was EARN by

         Hundereds of Thousands of Veterans

         and Civilian Citizens that gave the last

   Full measure of their LIVES and SERVICE !


         Unfortunately , Government and Private

         Institutions if not keep under careful

         Watch by Citizens , tend to Corrupt

         Democracy in the persuit of POWER

           And   PROFIT !  


           A few Individuals or Large Institutions

       Gain control of the Citizens Democracy

         With No Accountability to the Citizens .


         Special Interest Groups and Organizations

         Help   these few Individuals and Large

         Institutions ,   Manufacture “ Majority

         Approval . “




         They take Opinion Polls of a

         Selected Sample of Citizens , maybe a

         few hundred or less . That small

         Percentage Sample IS Projected as

           “ Majority Approval “ for  

           Hundreds of thousands

         , even Millions of Citizens !


           This “ Manufactured Majority

           Approved   Decision ,” IS Advertized

           to Citizens Constantly , via

           Television , Internet Tweets , Print

           Media   ect … .   To the extent that

           Citizens have no Desire to Participate

           in their Democracy ! Yes I,am saying

     Loudly “ Deliberate Voter Suppression !”


       You   , have a Responsibility

       to help Protect the Citizens Demoracy !

       Inform the Citizens of the 7th District of

       The June 24th   Primary 2014 Elections !

       Advocate , Advertise and Network such

       that Citizens are motivated to get out

       to the Polls and Vote on election day


Anticipated Question :

                                   Don,t the County

                                   Executive Officer

                     Set the Economic , Educational and

                     Moral   Direction for the Districts

                   Within Prince George County ?

G Falls---

             One Million Citizens of Prince George

             Count Hold Exclusive Power and

             Authority of the County Executive

             Office .


                 The County Council when TRULY

                 Implementing Decisions made by

                 Citizens within the 9 Districts

                 Have access to Citizens Talent

                 Pool that is vastly Superior to

                 The Limited Talent available

                   Within the County Government






                 That Superior Citizen Talent

                   Available from the Citizens Talent

                   Pool , Composed of Individuals and

                 Private Companies will allow

                 PRIVATIZING some County

                 Government Departments .  


                 This will narrow the scope of the

                 County Executive,s Responsibility .


             Currently the County Executive

             Delegate Authority to a few

             Specialized Governmental Individuals

             to make Detail Decisions of

             Directions for the County,s 9 Districts

             before Input from The “ Majority of

             the Districts Citizens.”

             These Specialized Individual Decision

               Makers do not work within the scope

               Of the Direction that Citizens would

               Have the Districts go in




   Rather these Specialized Individual Decision

   Makers , Implement the request of Special

   Interest Individuals and Groups ,   Approved

   by the County Executive  


     In short , Citizens make better Decisions

     Of Direction   the County should go in ,

     Than County Government Department

     Specialized Individuals

















Anticipated Question :

                                 Prince George County

                                 Compliance With

                                   Federal or State Law ?


G Falls---- Full Compliance

                   However ,   there are Federal and

State programs that require the Consent of the

Prince George County Council   .


Programs know as “ Strings Attached , “ or

simply ,   You get this much Money if You

Comply with these Regulations .


All these programs need to be Sent to the

Citizens for their Vote of Approval . In

Program CASES where the Citizens

Dis-Approve . That Money should be sent

Back , with a Thanks but No Thanks letter !

The County Government do not have to jump

on every high sounding band wagon coming

from the Federal or State Government if the

Citizen do not Approve .




Anticipated Question :

                                     Economic and Jobs

                                         Outlook ?


G Falls   :   Prince George County Image

                   That,s currently being projected

                   By County officials as


                     “   A Good place to Gamble ,

                         Entertain , Eat , and Retail

                         Shop “


   Is a Dis-Respectful lowering of Expectations

   for the Talents of the County,s   Citizens .    


   An Fail to provide A Positive Vision for the









     As We are assemble here . Be mindful that

     200,000 Prince George County Citizens

     Are   Out Of Work with NO JOB .

     Thousands Of those OUT Of Work Citizens

     are in the 7th District !


     The Citizens Vision of Putting that 200,000

     Out Of Work Citizens back to Work IS not

       The Direction the current Prince George

       County Government has taken .   The

       Current Prince George County Government

       Office Holders are leading the Citizens

       Down the Dead End Direction to


       SHOPPING , and GAMBLING . An Is

     most likely the Reason the FBI is locating

       their Head Quarters in Prince George

       County !








   The   Citizens Vision of Direction for

     Putting 200,000 Prince George County

     Citizens , Thousands of which are right here

     in the 7th District     BACK TO WORK !


The Vision of bringing Modern   Manufacturing Industries into the County !  

To get that 200,00   Out Of Work Citizens

Back on the JOB !   Back on the JOB making

Parts and Products for :   Space Craft , Air Craft , Auto Mobiles , Medical Equipment ,

     Home Appliances , Pharmacy Supplies ,

     Solar Panels , Batteries , Electronic

     Equipment , Telecommunications Equipment

     Ect… .   That Vision IS Not Plan For !!


   Thats   where the JOBS are now , and

     Planning for the Children Future should

     Adhere to those FACTS .   The Current

County Government do not have the Capacity

Nor the Talent Expertise to Plan or Compete

for these Industries as Envision by the

County,s Citizens


   After (2014 Elections) the 7th District and

   other Districts Citizens of Prince George

   County will have TAKEN BACK THEIR


   Prince George County Citizen Coalitions of

   ( Scientist , Engineers , Manufacturing Workers , Trade Skill Workers, Government Workers , Lawerys , Doctors, Semi-Skill Workers , Educators ,Private Business Owners,   and Labor Workers )   from the Available Citizens Talent Pool . Can Plan and put forth

a “ Modern Industry Plan ,” to the Citizens

For their Vote of APPROVAL !   An their Elected Government Office Holders will

Implement that Plan , Non-Negotiable and

Non-Debatable !!!      











Anticipated Question :

                       What is your view on GAY or

                         LBGT Rights   ?


G Falls------ First , Most Citizens do not

                       Understand   GAY or LGBT

                       Text Prefixes   .


                       Lets decode these prefixes

                       to a single act that Most Citizens

                       Do   Understand .


                        Men Marrying Men !


                     The   “ Real Majority of Citizens

                                   Do Not Approve of

                                   Men Marrying Men .”


                         A DEAD END DIRECTION

                         To Extinction of the Human

                           Species !




                   A   DEAD END DIRECTION

                   Projected by Money Backed

                 Special Interest Groups and



Secondly ,     Culture must provide a Positive

                     Image Vision for the CHILDREN

                     FUTURE !


                     Men Marrying Men is a Threat

                     To the Survival of the Human

                       Species and Does Not Provide

                       A POSITIVE IMAGE FOR THE

                       CHILDREN FUTURE !  


                       Men Marrying Men Is not a

                       Civil Rights Issues !  


Finally ,   Democracy has LIMITS .   Being

                   Free does not mean Destroying

                   the Human Species ! Thread

                   Carefully   , do your

                   Duty   !!!



Anticipated Question :

                                         Crime ?


G Falls---     One type of Crime IS

                     Non-Compliance with man made                            

                     Laws created by Government .


                  Another type of Crime IS

                   Non-Compliance with Laws of

                   A Religious nature .


                 There are two aspects of these

                 Crimes :


                   (1) Crime Prevention


                   (2) Crime Containment




   That COMMON LINK between both is the

   Early Age Environment !



Individuals in age group One too Fourteen

offer the BEST Opportunity of Possibility of Preventing Crime against Government and Crime Sin Against Religion .


Youth as a Product of Age Group One too

Fourteen ,   will develop an Attitude and

Behavior of the Environment of that early

AGE Time Period .   Therefore , both   laws of

Government and laws of Religion must be

Firmly established as Part of their Character

During that Early time period !


MEN MARRYING MEN   Law of Government

Is a Classic Case of what Our Youth should


Especially the Age group One too FOURTEEN when , Attitude and Behavior are being SHAPED   by the Environment THEY GROW

UP IN !   .  





The Government Can Committed a Crime

Against it,s Citizens by imposing Unjust

Law   upon it,s Citizens !


Especially an   Unjust law that Threaten the

Existence of the Citizens it Govern !


The current 7th District Council Person has

Been Supportive of this “ Men Marrying

Men “ position the County Government has

Taken !


The “ Real Majority of 7th District Citizens “

Have,nt   VOTED on the Issue !   Upon their

Vote of Dis-Approval , if Elected 7th District

Council Person . I will Implement Reforms that Change “ MEN MARRYING MEN LAWS,” and Stop any Funds that support “   MEN MARRYING MEN .”   This will be done








               Crime Containment :


When the Environment Youth are raised

Up In , has Unjust Government Laws or Youth

are not required to have , or Train Up with

Moral Principles based on Religion . They

Commit Non-Compliance acts .  


Police are call to enforce Crime Containment .

Crime IS not stopped , just Contain Temporary

By force or exile to Prison Jailing .


This indicate a FAILURE in Crime Prevention

during the time period when Youth was

between the age of one and fourteen years old .


Prince George County Government current

Office Holders both the County Executive

And Council members answer to Crime is

The Simplistic Solution “ Put more Police

On the Job .”





Hiring more Police Officers and putting Young

Adults in Prison DOES NOT SOLVE THE


To Begin Solving the Crime Problem .

Prince George County Government has to

Re-Organize it,s County Police Department , Park & Recreation Department , and Human

Resource Department , into a unified Public Health & Safety Department !


Prince George County Citizens Demand that the

County,s Youth and Young Adults , especially

The CHILDREN be given a Vision of the Future

Void of   sending folks to Prison !


Crime Prevention IS the Direction the Citizens

By VOTE will Decide !






Coalitions of 7th District Citizen Talent Pool

( Religious Leaders , Educators, Lawerys ,

   Government Social workers , Senior

Retired Law Enforcement Officers , Senior Retired Correctional Officers , Ex-Inmates ,

Doctors , Skill and Unskill Trade Workers )






Can Plan and have the Required Expertise and

Capacity to Re-Organize the County Police , Park & Recreation , and Human Resource Departments , into a Unified Public Health & Safety Department structured to SOLVE THE CRIME PROBLEM   thorough Crime Prevention !









Anticipated Question :      

                               Abortion & Women Rights

                               Roe vus   Wade   ?


G Falls ----     Good Question !


           Citizens will make the Final Decisions

Pertaining to Abortion . Especially the Supreme

Court of the United States “ Roe vus Wade “

Ruling that “ Abortion is Legal .”



The Abortion Issue IS really a Question of

“ WHAT IS HUMAN LIFE. “   An should be

Presented to Citizens as follows :









   (1) Reproductive Material define as MALE

       Meaning the   “ Sperm or any other such

       Material Without the Intervention of Tool or

       Machine IS Forever define as Human

                       Male Exclusively ! “


   (2) Reproductive Material define as FEMALE

         Meaning the “ Egg or any other such

         Material Without intervention of Tool or

         Machine IS Forever Define as Human

                         Female   Exclusively !”

(3) Jointment of Human Male Reproductive

       Material with Human Female Reproductive

       Material Without Tool or Machine IS

       Forever Define as HUMAN LIFE !


(4) Jointment of Human Male Reproductive

     Material with Human Female Reproductive

       Material with Intervention of Tool or

       Machine IS Machine Bio-Created

       Life with lost or gain of Human

       Characteristics !





(5) In Cases of the (Mother and Baby) Human

       Life . Tool or Machine Intervention may

       Be used to SAVE the LIFE of Both

       Mother and Baby Without OPTION



     Those are the QUESTIONS that should be

     Put to the Citizens for their Vote of

     Approval or Dis-Approval . An the

     “ Real Majority of Citizens,” must make

     Those Decisions !   With the understanding


     A WARNING to Science “ Thread

       Carefully with Experiments using Tool

     Or Machine on HUMAN LIFE !!!


I'm running for the 7th District County Council seat to make a difference in this community I love and I call home.  If you want to send an advocate to the council who cares about the same things you do, please give me, G. Falls, your vote in the Democratic primary on election day, Tuesday, June 24th, 2014.

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